Welcome to Shibutani&Tanaka LAB.

Introduction of Research Group

Any material consists of atoms or molecules. When it deforms under some external loading, no one can look over both the globally continuous and the atomic-level deformation behaviors. Multiscale Modeling (MM) aims at linkage between the two over the vast time and scale gap. We have researched the computational MM including the ab-initio calculations and atomistic simulations, and also the experiments using nanoindentation.
To discover the novel an optimum structure with size effects of the mechanical behaviors, the new optimization technique combined with finite element method (FEM) has been developed. Additionally, we have tackled accurately measuring mechanical properties with timbre of solid material: Resonance Ultrasound Spectroscopy (RUS). We are also extending the mechanics to the social problems like the risk analyses and also the dental problems.

Main topics:

  • Nanoplasticity by Nanoindentation and Collective Defect Mecahnics
  • Nonlinear Elasticity for Higher-order Mechanical Properties
  • Defect Mechanics of Bulk Metallic Glasses
  • Materials and Structures Designing by Multiscale Modeling
  • Optimization Methodology using Mesoscopic Modeling
  • Nondestructuve Observation by New Microscopy: Scanning Electron-induced Acoustic Microscpoy (SEAM) with Multiphysics Views
  • Dental Occlusive Mechanics for Oral Engineering

Ab-initio thin-film processing simulation

Large scale MD simulation of solid mechanical behavior

FIB-CVD nano-assembly

'Colors' embedded in a vibration